Guidelines for creating a personal development plan

The strength of the exact plan is that it helps to focus all efforts in the right direction. A personal development plan is the most missing link for those who are aware of the value of self-development, but feel that at some point they have turned the wrong way. Think about the past year of your life. Are you completely satisfied with this period? What are the achievements in which areas you can be proud of, and what are not? Can you say with certainty that during this time you grew up as a person? The importance of creating a personal development plan Do you know exactly what you want from the future and what kind of person you want to become? Most people do not know. They were lazy, they just did not think about it, they did not meet people who could influence. Nike Air Max 2017 Goedkoop So what kind of person do you want to become in 5 years? Just take a sheet of paper and write down your plans for the future – this already increases the chances of getting much better. Nike Pas Cher Why create a personal development plan? There are several advantages. For example: Have a destination. Know exactly where to go. Planning the way. Develop strategies that will help achieve the goal. Awareness of obstacles. Understanding that obstacles are bound to be. And also finding out how to cope with them. Awareness of a more global plan. It’s not just about getting better, but about finding your destination. It can only be found if we work long and hard on ourselves. How to write a plan? Content Your plan must meet at least five criteria: What do you want (or where you want to be). Why do you want this. How to plan your life so that you can achieve all of this. Clarification of all possible obstacles, problems, risks and dangers. How to create a plan to overcome obstacles. Nike Pas Cher You can also create a plan B in case of a failure. This is a reasonable strategy. When creating a personal development plan, the following questions can help: What do I really want to understand about my life? What kind of person do I want to become? Do I see how my dreams will be realized? What are my goals and ambitions? What are my dreams? Do my current decisions lead me to where I want to go? Also, do not forget that goals should be set according to the SMART method. Elements Planning is easy enough. The hardest thing to plan effectively. Here’s what you need. 1 Analysis of the current situation It should be taken seriously to this step. Most often, people overestimate their current situation, not noticing how many spheres of life have gotten out of control. So, in what position are you now? How advanced intellectually? Do you have any problems with thinking? Are there people who can help and support? But first of all – better understand yourself. 2 Creation of a mission These are one or two sentences about what the meaning of your life is and what you want to achieve. Something like a commitment to yourself. 3 Short-term and long-term planning Goals and plans should be divided. nike air max 1 homme Some goals can be achieved only after a few years, because you need to move to them gradually. Find out what the best can do for your development today, which is next week, and what – in a year and five years. 4 Revaluation of the plan Overestimate the plan is constantly, because in the process of travel will appear new data, facts and experience. 5 Commitment and Action Act on the same day when the plan is ready. sac a dos fjallraven kanken france en ligne Schedule the next steps and proceed immediately. nike air max 1 Details of the plan To begin to develop as a person, you need to learn. Here are examples of where to get information: Courses Articles Reading Literature Search for a mentor Dating with people who will help Maintaining a diary (self-reflection) Exercises for the brain Experiment with the development plan, only in the process of using it you can see its shortcomings and fix it. And also make a big emphasis on the development of your thinking.